2014 Year of the Beer Festival?

Hey look! its my first blog post, erm what can i talk about? Well its certainly not massively old news (ok few days old), but Liverpool Craft Beer Expo 2014 (LCBE) tickets are now available for general sale, and you can get them online from the official site by clicking here.

if you tap it, they will come

I managed to get to the first LCBE and it was absolutely fantastic. A great amount of effort went into putting it together by Liverpool Craft Beer Co, the Camp and Furnace and some hard working volunteers. A cracking amalgamation of both Craft and Cask beer is on offer and last year all the cask beers were available on hand pull! something a friend of mine was quite chuffed about.

Lets not forget that there was also a whiskey bar hiding in the corner and also some epic grub on offer as well as great music, we were able to see the Loose moose string band for the first time and became instant fans of them.

Loose Moose in action

Beer Festival centre of the universe?

Liverpool really is quite blessed at this point in time with a year round set of beer festivals big and small, the official CAMRA festival has been and gone at the Liverpool catholic cathedral crypt but it wont be long before the next festival in may which is at old Christ church Waterloo comes around (a bi-annual festival). LCBE is in June, a slight summer break then gives us St George’s beer festival and then we round the year off with the second Waterloo festival and maybe a Christmas one in the Black-E.

Not forgetting of course lots of other festivals that spring up, Mad Hatter Brewing Company have had quite a few little festivals and shindigs around the city within the last twelve months, and charity festivals are becoming quite frequent too, not forgetting many of the cities pubs which run their own festivals i can think of three such as the Ship and Mitre, The Caledonia and The Dispensary all host festivals, there are probably also many more, if i forgot you let me know!

Current Beer Festivals in the Area

  • CAMRA Liverpool Beer Festival: February (been and gone but annual)
  • Waterloo Beer Festival 7: May 1st – 4th
  • Liverpool Craft Beer Expo: June 5th – 8th
  • St George’s Hall Beer Festival: September 25th – 28th
  • Waterloo Beer Festival 8: November 20th – 23rd
  • Black-E Christmas beer festival: TBA

Not a bad year ahead then eh? get practising folks!


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