Grimbergen Double-Ambree

well my first blog brew post is a euro beer, and there’s nowt wrong with that! I don’t often drink beer from the continent, usually because im quite happy drinking British cask and craft and American craft. But i often enjoy the likes of a De Koninck or a kwak when in places such as the Pi on Rose Lane!

I picked up tonight’s bottle in Morrison’s supermarket of all places! nice to see the supermarkets stocking more than just crates and crates of ubiquitous lager!

The label description once found buried amongst all the other languages on offer describe it as; “Full bodied amber beer with a rich mouth feel. If offers a mix of sweet and bitter flavours with subtle notes of caramel” I can certainly agree with that its got a lovely texture to it, deep and rich, if there is one thing that puts me off something straight away its a watery weak taste. It might appear too dark for some but really its a lovely brew definitely worth a try if you enjoy your malts over hops or if you just had something crammed with hops and you want something at the other end of the spectrum.


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