Pubs are full of surprises

Last night me and a friend went for a wander around Liverpool’s pubs specifically in the Georgian quarter. Our first intention was to visit the new Everyman theatre bistro, the old one holds semi-mythical status amongst Liverpool drinkers, my memory of it is quite vague as i only visited twice so i cant say i hold it in much high regard as i never went enough to form an opinion.

Anyway! the new bistro is quite nice, very modern of course when we visited there were 4 ales on the hand pump including Liverpool Organic Brewery’s “Everyman Ale” a nice session starter but a tad too cold for me, i know someone else who made this observation as well. It was quite pricey too, probably one of the more expensive places to drink real ale in the city, but its only just opened so lets see how things progress.

We didn’t have time to sample the others as we moved on to the 23 Club which was pretty busy for a Thursday evening, a nice pint of Tiny Rebel Hank was on here. We tried Frederiks a new place on Hope Street that has opened in the building once occupied by Korova again quite modern on the inside and for the beer drinker it sells mostly draught craft beers and bottle craft as well, its a nice place to pop in for a craft beer but again a bit on the pricey side.

Moving on down to the Fly in the loaf for a couple of drinks, which is soon to be undergoing a refurb, im not quite sure why myself as its not like the place is falling to bits, hopefully it wont be shut too long as the range of real ale and craft beer is very good here and the staff really know their stuff. Its also one of the few places in the city that was an outlet for Wapping beers, which we sadly wont see any more now since Stan the head brewer has retired, however the final brew “the end” from Wapping will be on sale this weekend so grab a pint of Liverpool’s brewing history while it lasts.

we popped in the Pilgrim which we hadn’t frequented for a while next and then onto the ever colourful Ye Cracke. Afterwards we decided to mosey up to the Caledonia for a few final beers, and what we discovered is what prompted me to write about it today.

Upon going into the Cali my friend pointed out that some of the folks from the Loose Moose band were present (whom we are big fans of) and they were having an impromptu acoustic session in the corner, it was brilliant, quality beers in fantastic surroundings and all to the sound of sweet live music! This is what i love about pubs you just dont know what you are going to find when you go in sometimes! The Caledonia was threatened with closure last year, everyone rallied around the good ship and its staff saving it from closure, this is the sort of thing that makes pubs worth saving!

So thanks to all the pubs for the great night we had, and special thanks to the Caledonia and Loose moose for the unexpected but fantastic entertainment!


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