Pub of the Year 2014

Hello all! its been a while i have been enjoying some time off for my birthday, i even had a cracking pub crawl more on that in a later entry for now the recent news for our area definitely seems worth talking about!

Our local CAMRA branch have announced Pub of the Year (POTY) 2014, and it has already caused something of a stir, its good to see debate about such things it certainly is a decisive decision.

Pub of the Year 2014 is the Liverpool Pigeon, which is actually located in Crosby, which is not really a part of Liverpool, its within the Merseyside area certainly but even “Merseyside” as an entity is something often argued over, so that’s the first odd thing about it that has been observed.

The second observation is that the pigeon has not been open a full year so how can it qualify for pub of the year status? I have been to the Pigeon myself and its a cracking place, very well run, the beer is always very well kept, its rotated regularly and there is a great selection of ales available from both local and national brewers, the atmosphere is nice. The pigeon is a micro-pub, Merseyside first one, the hours are not typical of other pubs.

I’m pleased for the pigeon to receive some recognition for the work put in since they have opened its a great place. Its certainly going to be debated for a while, as one person I know mentioned it would be interesting if our local CAMRA branch published the voting. I cant say how transparent the system is I’m not a member of CAMRA and for the moment I don’t wish to be.

Again not to take anything away from the Liverpool Pigeon its a GREAT place to go for a drink, and i really do recommend you do, its included in a pub crawl I’m currently writing about for the Crosby and Waterloo area, you can get more information on them here.


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