Wapping Russian Imperial Damson Stout

Its been some time since i wrote about a specific beer, but this Wapping stout is a cracking beer and has a great story with it to boot so why not write about it?

From the Cellar under The Baltic Fleet pub this brew was lost for quite some time! it seems it was misplaced amongst the variety of other wonderful stuff concocted in the Fleets cellar by Stan and Angus, hence its title 2010 vintage! and its bloody nice! Beer doesn’t really “go off” as such so it’s quite fine to drink and it was a cracking brew. Dark and rich with smooth malty flavour, a sweetness on the end from the damson and a very subtle hint of smoke. This is a when its gone its gone brew unless Angus decides to brew some more (and then lose it for a few years hehe!)

I recommend picking some up if you can! I got my bottle from the Delifonesca branch on Sefton Street (it used to be the Harry Ramsden’s remember?). It may be available elsewhere

Some news relating to Wapping is that previously brewing was to stop at the pub and move in with Mad Hatter, this will not be happening now as Angus will be taking over from Stan who has now retired (im not sure he can i think he loves it too much!) and moved to Melwood beer company. There will still be collaboration brews with Wapping and Mad Hatter, so in a good way we have got the best of both worlds in my opinion, and i wish both breweries a continuing busy and prosperous future!


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