Local pubs closed temporarily for refurbs

Three of Liverpool’s most popular watering holes will be closed temporarily from 20th of April (easter sunday) for refurbs.

The Fly in the Loaf, Thomas Rigbys and Lady of Mann are all part of the Okell’s stable of pubs here on the UK Mainland and regularly feature in lists of best pubs in Liverpool. I myself am a regular visitor to the Fly in the Loaf.

I don’t know what the exact details are of the refurbishment due to take place on the three places, im not actually sure why they are being refurb myself as they all seem quite nice as they are BUT i dont run them or work in them so I’m sure there are good reasons behind it

I just hope they are not closed for too long! speaking of refurbs if anywhere could do with a lick of paint it would be Keith’s on Lark lane! i don’t think its been painted since the ice retreated at the last ice age! Mind you it’s probably like the ravens at the tower of london, if Keith’s ever got done up lark lane would vanish from existence*

*I do love Keiths by the way so its a tongue in cheek mention

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