LiverBeer is a place for the author to brain fart his thoughts and ideas out, sadly most of the good names were taken, despite the name this covers the whole Merseyside region and mabye a bit beyond. Ill be covering whatever seems interesting within the Real Ale and Craft beer scene in the area, profiling pubs and suggesting pub crawls.

About the Author

Gavin is proudly Yorkshire Born and Bred from a small West Yorkshire mining town, having moved to Liverpool in the year 2000 and decided like many to stay in this fine town with fine people. However he never forgot his roots so don’t mention Yorkshire unless you want to be told every chuffing thing about god’s own county!

Starting his drinking career on shakey ground drinking white lightning and hooch behind a Kwik Save he eventually weened himself onto lager until finally coming of age and transferring to real ale via a few good no-nonsense Yorkshire beers, now having been throughly exposed to quality brews of cask and craft beer and with excellent places to drink he thought it was about time to put finger to keyboard and natter about how good beer was.

the author is a proud geek about many things, and beer is just one of his loves…..