Liverpool Cricket Club

Liverpool Cricket Club Beer Festival 2014 dates

LCC is having another beer festival this year, the currently arranged dates are from the 1st of May to the 4th of May, more information for it is available on their Facebook page, for some reason it is not properly listed on the cricket clubs page, you can also book tickets if you like here, at the time of checking the ticket source website there were 50+ tickets available for all days.

However some people may have already realised that Waterloo Beer Festival is also on at exactly the same time, now depending on when you have booked tickets you might be able to make it to both! However i and a friend are going to Waterloo on Friday and Sunday (extended hours for the sunday session) so we wont be able to make it. I’m not sure who confirmed which date first the cricket club or Waterloo but you would think that organisers would try to not clash with one another? Then again as i said some people might be able to visit both!

We tried to go to the beer festival last year at the cricket club, i called the club for some more information as it was a bit scarce at the time and was told i could pay on the door if i wanted. On the day we arrived ready to enjoy a few beers and were told flat out that we couldnt come in as it had sold out, a bit deflated we left.

LCC Beer Festival is actually the very first beer festival i ever attended, way back in the mists of time (pre 2010) and it was quite fun, things may have changed since then but basically you had a big marquee and that was it. It helped to introduce me to more real ales and actually helped convert a couple of my friends who to this day will not touch a drop of stella ever again.

the beer pricing was a bit mad though, involving what i could only describe as a bingo card covered in £1, 50p, 20p and 10p squares instead of the simplified version most other festivals in the area employed. Also amusingly the power went off while some poor guy was trying to entertain us with his one  man rock show.

Again this is quite some time ago now so things may have improved, though i have to criticise the use of Facebook as a main “webpage” for the festival, not everyone is on Facebook (and who can blame them). A simple one page web site probably would have sufficed there doesnt seem to be much publicity for it either, i only found out about it after seeing a banner on the LCC wall facing aigburth road.

Currently there is no List of what beers will be on offer.

I hope anyone going though has a great time and wish it a succesful year, ill be soaking up the fun in waterloo though myself.